So I’m late enough into May that I can finally pick out my TBR for June. Nothing overly exciting just books I’ve been meaning to read but haven’t gotten the chance to catch up on.

All the Stars and Teeth

All the Stars and Teeth (All the Stars and Teeth Duology Book 1) by [Adalyn Grace]

Amazon: All the Stars and Teeth

The next book is another I’ve bought an put off for no particular reason other than I was reading other stuff faster. I really loved the magic system(s) in this book and can’t wait to see what happens next.

The First 7 (The Last 8 Book 2)

The First 7 (The Last 8 Book 2) by [Laura Pohl]

I’ve read the first few chapters and it’s a great sci-fi piece like the first one was. I just got into other stuff and kind forgot about it.

Amazon: The First 7

The Dragon Egg Princess

The Dragon Egg Princess by [Ellen Oh]

This is a great middle grade fantasy written by the fantastic Ellen Oh, I was about half way through and I just need to finish it up.

Amazon: The Dragon Egg Princess

Finally a graphic novel I’ve been meaning to read

New Kid

New Kid by [Jerry Craft]

Amazon: New Kid

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  1. Looks like you have some good reads lined up. Happy reading.

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