May Monthly Wrap Up

So how’d I do for May? I hit some of my goals others were a bit more challenging. As I said at the end of April as a blogger and writer there is always room for more writing, well

1. Get 325 to 350 views in a month.

This just didn’t happen. The blog was slow this month. I barely got half of that. Hopefully, next month will be better.

2. Get another 10 followers for the blog.

I got another five at the time I’m writing this, so I’ll take that in this super slow month that I’ve had.

3. Get back to my normal 4 books a month.

Here is one area where I actually met my goal, I’ve already read four books this month and should be at 5 or six by the end of the month.

4. Try and do two blog posts a day.

Well, I finished up the month of May early and have started working on posts out into June. Sometimes it’s been one post a day, sometimes it’s been three. What matters is I’m getting ahead.

5. At least 500 words on one of my writing projects per day.

I’m one-third of the way through the WIP I’m focusing on. Now I just have to get back to it, also I want to spend more time working on my other WIP which is a murder mystery.

6. Try and finish up some of my tags.

I finished the main tag I was talking about here so that’s a win, now I just have to get started on some of my new tags.

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