Weekly Wrap Up

So I’ve had a pretty productive week. I got the first third of a novel I’m working on done, I got some posts for the blog done, I baked a cake, and I did some reading. All and all it was a pretty good week. This post is also up a day late because honestly, I’m tired from all that work lol.


So I totally hit my reading goal for the month, this week, yay to me. What did I read?

The Last 8

A thriller about the last people on Earth after aliens invade, I can’t wait to read the next book in the series, The First 7. 

Amazon: The Last 8

On the Edge of Gone

On the Edge of Gone by [Corinne Duyvis]

An interesting look at whose life deserves saving when it’s the end of the world, written by autistic author Corinne Duyvis and featuring an autistic main character.

Amazon: On the Edge of Gone

Immunity (Contagion)

The exciting conclusion to Contagion, which I reviewed here. Thea, Coen and Nova expect to be rescued but find themselves in an even more dangerous situation.

Amazon: Immunity

Summer of a Thousand Pies

Summer of a Thousand Pies by [Margaret Dilloway]

A sweet middle grade about found family, forgiveness, and pie baking, I read it in two days. It’s so cute.

Amazon: Summer of 1000 Pies

Expect a review of most of these later in the month or in early June.


I’ve also been working on a couple of novels, I won’t say too much just in case of future publishing, but I’ve been having a lot of fun. One is an either YA or MG epic fantasy, it hasn’t decided yet, and one is contemporary YA murder mystery.


It was a vanilla cake with butterscotch icing and it was really delicious especially the second day. I plan to cook and bake some more this coming week, hopefully working on bread and lasagna, and then maybe apple pie the week after.


I hope you all had another okay week of quarantine and that you are doing okay mentally. If you don’t get the privilege to stay home I hope you are staying safe and that everything is going well. Watch out for some reviews this coming week and come back and join me next week to see how the week went!


Photo by Oleg Magni from Pexels


  1. Great week and well done on getting words down! I need to get stuck into my WIP this week, it has been a real struggle since the lockdown started 2 months ago.

    • Yeah, lockdown is helping me for some reason. I don’t have as many responsibilities so I can focus on my writing more, but there are times when it’s really hard to write just because of the whole situation so I get that.

      • I think my problem with finding writing time is my 7 year old 😀 😀 I LOVE her completely but she isn’t the quietest and we don’t have a door with a lock 😀

      • Oooh I see your issue there. I’m only 29 and childfree so I’ve got a lot more ‘me’ time. Though I’m not sure what I’d do without a door with a lock.

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