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So these types are challenging me more and more, but I’m trying to keep up as best I can. It’s a nice distraction from what is going on right now. For this type, I’m using strong characters.

A Single Stone

Trapped in a mountain village girls have to squeeze through tunnels to go to far off fields to get the harvest. Jena is one of those girls, she’s strong and reliable. She leads the line of girls heading through the tunnels. It isn’t an easy life Jena’s years spent denying herself food and wrapping her limbs have paid off. She’s small enough to do the job, the most important job.

It isn’t always easy but this is just the way things are until cracks begin to form in Jena’s beliefs and she begins to question the life she’s always known. As the cracks in her world become impossible to ignore she’ll have to trust her own heart to decide what to believe, but can she, and her world survive this shakeup?

Is Jena resilient enough to face down the crack in her world and face a new world with sharp pieces?

This book reminds me of the Pokemon:Rockruff


This book reminds me of Rockruff because small Pokemon that evolves into a powerful form.

Amazon: A Single Stone

Steel Tide (Seafire)

All the characters in this book are strong for different reasons, the crew of the Mors Navis are strong because they are fighting against societal norms and the risk of death at the hands of the ruling order. The former Bullets are strong because they are fighting against a past that keeps trying to draw them back in.

Even the morally grey characters are strong because of all they’ve been through, and the reasons they have to be morally grey, it’s kind of annoying. My favorite strong characters from this book though are Pisces and Sledge.

The Pokemon that reminds me of this book is: Kabutops


It’s both fighting and water type and like the character in the book looks like it’s ready to fight.

The Winter Duke

The Winter Duke by [Claire Eliza Bartlett]

Ekata’s family tends to try to kill each other off to try and reach the throne. Ekata is the middle child of thirteen and has no interest in the ruling but would like to stay far away from being murdered too, so she plans to go far away to a university where she can be away from her family’s whims.

All she has to do is get through this silly bride show. Her brother has finally been named Heir to the dukedom of Kylma Above and after all the royal pomp and circumstance are done and he picks a woman.  Nothing will be able to keep her from her books or her experiments.

But there is one little problem, just when escape seems within reach her whole family except for her falls under a sleeping spell, and even her mentor in medicine can’t find a cure.

This makes not escape not only impossible it also makes her the duke. She inherits her brother’s bride, as well as challengers for a crown she never even wanted both from within and outside her ministry.

Ekata is woefully unprepared for war, diplomacy, and especially prepared Ekata for love. But if Kylma Above is to survive, Ekata must seize her family’s magic and power. And if Ekata is to survive, she must quickly decide how she will wield them both.

The Pokemon that reminds me of this book is Aurorus.


It reminds me of Ekata, in particular because she’s come from an old kingdom and been forced to evolve and find her strength when she didn’t expect she would have and she’s strong because she’s learning how to wild that power.

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