May Monthly Goals

So I think for the blog and writing I did pretty well in April. I just need to get back to reading and do more writing. Because I’m a blogger and writer so there is always more writing lol. Anyway, here are some of my goals for May

1. Get 325 to 350 views in a month.

Originally I was only shooting for 300 but I already passed that at the end of April, so I clearly needed a new more ambitious goal.

2. Get another 10 followers for the blog.

Okay so I was writing this in late April and I just kept getting followers. Not complaining at all, but I decided to make my goal to hit 125 followers for May. I’ll take more of course. I also got a TON last month not sure if it can be done but again these are always just things to shoot for.

3. Get back to my normal 4 books a month.

I was in a bit of a reading slump last month so I’d like to try to get out of that. I bought a few Kindle books, so I’m looking forward to finishing those. I have a few debuts like The Winter Duke, as well as a few backlisted titles I haven’t gotten the chance to enjoy.

4. Try and do two blog posts a day.

I’d like to get ahead for the month of May and potentially into June. But I’m flexible with this. I’m going to give myself at least one day of rest and be okay with one post a day sometimes.

5. At least 500 words on one of my writing projects per day.

I’m going to be flexible here too. Some days I’m just going to want to play Animal Crossing, some days I’m going to get more done. I’m also giving myself at least one day of rest for this too.

6. Try and finish up some of my tags.

I’m going to try and tackle some of the tougher ones and even if I don’t have a lot of information or books go ahead and get them shared and get them done with.

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