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Review: Steel Tide

I like this book a lot better than the first for several reasons, mostly because of the main character changing from Book 1.

Warning Spoilers Ahead


Steel Tide (Seafire)


Caledonia finds herself separated from her crew after nearly choosing to face an old foe, instead of running to safety with her crew. After nearly dying, Caledonia is pulled out of the sea barely alive and nursed back to health by the last people she’d expect. A crew of former Bullets who call themselves the Blades.

The Blades escaped Aric Athair’s clutches and are now nomadic, ready to leave when any sign of trouble comes their way. Caledonia herself represents trouble, and some of the Blades particularly one named Pine don’t like that.

But Caledonia makes some friends among the Blades, including Sledge and Triple, each of the Blades have given themselves their own names and prides themselves on having a sense of choice.

But when Caledonia finds out her crew is being held at the infamous Slipmark, she must convince the Blades to jump back into the fight and help rescue her beloved sisters.

Along the way, Caledonia finds out more about life in the Bullet army and just what all is under Aric Athair’s control. She senses a way to start a revolution if she can convince everyone to want to fight.

But the battle for the world of the Bullet Sea maybe even more surprising than Calendonia expected when an old enemy shows up with the last person she’d expect: her brother.


Okay first off, nearly dying knocks some sense into Caledonia. Not much, but enough to make her MUCH more tolerable throughout this book. I also love that when she reunites with her crew, she has to pay for her action, she doesn’t just get automatically forgiven.

Second, the Blades are by far my favorite thing about this book, their love for choice is like super important. Like Sledge says early on in the book. “Consent is our most important choice.” Ahh! So wonderful. Also, Sledge may be built like The Rock but he is the big softie of the book.

Finally, the look into Bullet society is enlightening, it makes me wonder how things will be resolved in the third and final book Stormbreak, which comes out this November.

Five Favorite Things

  1. Sledge’s attitude
  2. Nettle
  3. The final battle
  4. Triple
  5. Pieces feelings about Caledonia’s choices

Amazon: Steel Tide

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