April Monthly Goals

So while I’m trying to keep a good track on my mental health. Thankfully I’m away from a major metropolitan area touched by the coronavirus. Still, it’s hard not to feel the need to be productive when you are sitting at home. Especially since this is pretty much what I did before the virus hit, save going out less and eating at home more.

I’d like to have a few measurable goals for the blog and my life though. I’m not going to be super strict about holding myself to them, because again we are in the middle of a crisis, but if I could finish a few it would be nice.

  1. Get over 250 views for the blog in a month.

Is it possible? I think so, especially since I’m posting more, I got 250 in Febuary which was my highest number of views to date. It fell again in March, I suspect due to world events, but I’d like to see if I could get the views to maybe 275 or 300 if I’m being ambitious.

2. Get 100 followers on WordPress

If I’m going to get those views I need to get that follower count up. I’m at 88 currently, which is nearly double from the beginning of the year but I’d love to get to 100.

3.) Finish 10 books in April

Is this one possible, maybe? I finished eight in March, so if I worked on it I could probably finish ten. I’ll be happy with whatever I finish, but it would be nice to meet the goal.

4. Do Tarot three time a week

This is fairly realistic as I’m already managing to do two readings a week.

What about you? If you are safe inside what are your goals for spring? If not, thanks for being out there supporting all of us!

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    • Thanks, I’ve got some, I think good content planned. Consistency is tough, and good luck with the reviews, and don’t we all want more follows? 😛

  1. Best of luck with your goals – I’ve always found the best way to increase my views is to interact and read other book blogs – plus it is fun! 😀

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