Weekly Review: Books, Bowling and Productivity (2nd Week of March)

So I’ve had a headache since last Sunday. I have chronic migraines but usually, they aren’t this bad. The time change has seriously messed me up this week. I’m worried about COVID-19 but honestly, I think my symptoms are just allergies. I’m still not going out much and keeping an eye on myself as I hope you all are doing.

I managed to finish books though:


Finished Books

Lizzy and the Good Luck Girl

Lizzy and the Good Luck Girl by [Lubner, Susan]

This is a sweet read about cat sweaters, friendship and the power of making your own luck. The review will be up on the site in April.

Amazon: Lizzy and the Good Luck Girl

Guess who finished with Lalani and the Distant Sea after like seven months! This girl!

Amazon: Lalani and the Distant Sea

I’m really happy with myself for finishing two books this week. I might meet my monthly goal or even exceed it, plus I’m doing really well on the Year of the Asian Readathon.

Currently Reading

When You Trap a Tiger

I so enjoyed her first book, The Science of Breakable Things, the review for that will also be up in April, that I wanted to give this one a try.

Amazon: When You Trap a Tiger


I’d tried to pick this book up before, but it didn’t stick but now I’m trying to read some ocean-related books in advance for summer. So now that I’ve gotten into it’s pretty good.

Amazon: Seafire

Annie’s Life in Lists

I’m almost finished with this one, it’s been a cute read with a really unusual narrative style that I look forward to reviewing.

Amazon: Annie’s Life in Lists

I feel like I’ve gotten a lot of new books read, also I have a bunch of books on hold so, hopefully, I’ll have some new books to review soon as well too.


Guess who finished 5 posts for April as of Tuesday, this person right here. I’m starting of thinking of trying to post more often, but not sure I want that kind of pressure? What do you guys think? Start adding in extra days then see how it goes?


So a new bowling alley opened in my area. COVID-19 hasn’t gotten bad yet here, so we’re still going out a little, plus it was nice to get a bit of exercise. My friend, CatLadyFibers and I went bowling, our scores were dismal but we had a great time.





We’re going bowling again today (Saturday), and we’re being careful, and taking all the needed precautions for COVID-19. Luckily we can still go out.  It’s not too bad here yet but I know at some point we’ll be trapped in the house. So far the only thing I’ve really noticed about the virus is when I went to the grocery store and they were out of toilet paper. I wish people would stop panic buying, which leads to those who really need it not having or being able to get the things they need.

Mental Health

I’d say my mental health is pretty good, especially considering the pandemic, I think having books and the blog to focus on have really helped me out. I also want to give a shoutout to book twitter for providing me with humor and help during the days I’ve been inside.

Be safe everyone, and if there is anything I can do for you all please let me know!


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