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Backlog Review:Aquicorn Cove

I read Aquicorn Cove awhile back, maybe the middle of last year, but somehow I missed reviewing another one of Katie O’Neill’s masterpieces.

Aquicorn Cove

Spoilers for Aquicorn Cove

A deeply emotional story, Lana and her father return to the town her late mother called home after a hurricane effects it to help Lana’s aunt and the town recover. While Lana is walking the beach, remembering how much she misses the ocean and her mom, she finds a mysterious injured creature.

As Lana soon finds more of the creatures she discovers that they are Aquicorns, small magical seahorse-like creatures that live in the coral reef. With her aunt’s help, who has had experience taking care of the creatures before, Lana starts helping the injured creature back to health. 

But Lana’s curious, how does her aunt know so much about the Aquicorns, and what other mysteries is the town hiding? But when a second storm threatens the town and conflicts that happened years ago come back to haunt both the town and her aunt.

Lana realizes she may have to defy everyone if she wants to settle things peacefully, so her home and the ocean can co-exist side by side. 


This book is a great example of how to talk about environmentalism without being preachy. It’s also a book about taking what you need and not what you want and being in balance with nature, like everything Katie O’Neill does it respects the old ways. It’s another beautiful piece.

Five Favorite Things:

  1. The sea queen lady
  2. The ocean palace
  3. The aquicorns
  4. Lana’s aunt
  5. The memories of Lana’s mother.

Overall I’d give this book a 5 like I give everything from Katie O’Neill.



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