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For this post we will be talking about books that remind me of Dragon-Type Pokemon. Out of all the eighteen types of Pokemon Dragon-Type Pokemon are some of the toughest in the games.

They are often legendary or somewhat legendary Pokemon which a group of incredibly rare and often very powerful Pokemon.

For each book, I’m going to do a Pokemon that reminds me of it and explain why. I’ve done a fairly diverse selection of books here, Dragon Pearl and The Dragon Warrior can both count for The Year of the Asian Reading Challenge. 

Dragon Pearl (Rick Riordan Presents)

From the Rick Riordan Presents collection, Yoon Ha Lee‘s Korean inspired story about thirteen-year-old Min, who comes from a long line of fox spirits. She’s forbidden from using her magic by her family and would love to follow her brother Jun into the Space Forces and see more of the Thousand Worlds.

But when Jun is suspected of deserting his post in search of the Dragon Pearl, a mysterious artifact that grants tremendous power. Min knows something is wrong though, her brother would never leave his station.

To find him and the truth, she’ll have to face gamblers, pirates, and vengeful ghosts. It will involve deception, lies, and sabotage. Will she find the answer about the Dragon Pearl and her brother?

The Pokemon that remind me of this book is: Kommo-o


It reminds me of the book cover for one, and it’s scales are thought to drive off the darkness.

Amazon: Dragon Pearl

The Dragon with a Chocolate Heart

Aventurine is a dragon, who feels confined to the caves where her family lives, she can’t explore the outside world yet because her scales haven’t thickened up and she could be hurt by humans or other creatures. Eventually, she escapes without her family’s knowledge and ends up being turned human, she has to find her way in a human city but never loses her fighting dragon spirit.

The dragon Pokemon that reminds me the most of this book is: Dratini


It’s the lowest evolution of Dragonair kind of like Aventurine is when she starts in the book

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Amazon: The Dragon With a Chocolate Heart

The Tea Dragon Society

This book is a cute, sweet and beautifully illustrated book, that shows the importance of crafts. The dragons in this part of O’Neill’s series are a bit more diminutive and cute. So the Pokemon I choose will reflect that.

One thing I thought was really cool about the tea dragons were they store the memories of their owners in their tea leaves. I also especially enjoyed the extra content call “Extracts from the Tea Dragons Handbook”, explaining more about the creatures with illustrations of all the dragon breeds not seen in the graphic novel.

The Pokemon that reminds me of this book is: Altaria


Because it’s powerful but kind of cute and fluffy like the tea dragons in the book.

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Amazon: The Tea Dragon Society

The Dragon Warrior

The Dragon Warrior by Katie Zhao is a lovely middle-grade book with magic, and humor that discusses identity and belonging. The main character Faryn Liu has trained in secret to honor her family and the gods with the hopes of becoming a warrior. But

Faryn is shunned by the main organization that does that kind of work called The Jade Society. She and her brother have been shunned by the Jade Society ever since their father disappeared years ago. But something draws Faryn into the world of being a warrior and leads her on a journey that could change her life and the world.

Faryn deals with dragons and has a dragon-like spirit. The Pokemon that reminds me of this book is: Drampa


The reason is that it looks a lot like the historical Chinese dragons.

Amazon: The Dragon Warrior

More Pokemon reads to come next week!

Photo by Egor Kamelev from Pexels and thanks to Bulbapedia for the images. 

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