Weekly Review 2/16/20-2/22/20

How has everyone’s week been? Mine has been pretty productive I know I’ve done at least 6 posts in advance for the blog. Plus I’ve kind of been obsessively been watching my numbers for the blog as opposed to last month, viewers have already beat January and I’ve got a week to go, I just need to get a few more visitors. So please come visit the blog.


Honestly, this week while productive has been a little mentally tough for me, so I stuck with re-reading some old favorites.





I promise to have the backlog review of these up along with the rest of the series up sometime in March.


Pokémon Sword & Shield

I beat Pokemon Shield! It took me like literally ten tries for the final battle with Leon, but I did it, then I beat all the post-credit stuff too, now I get to explore Galar and build more teams of Pokemon. I’m really excited to play more of the game even though I’ve beat it. I want to try and fill my Pokedex, plus there will an expansion pass coming out in the summer and winter of this year.

However finishing it has me thinking about the next game on my mind, Animal Crossing New Horizons. It’s not out till March 30th, but I already can’t wait. I’ll probably be playing Breath of the Wild until then, but Animal Crossing is the next game up that I’m happy for.A group of eight residents gathered around a picnic table in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Crochet and Friendship Bracelets


Once upon a time before I had my psychotic episode I was very much into fiber arts, so its something I’m trying to get back into. I also bought the supplies for making friendship bracelets and have started making simple patterns with those.

Writing and Adobe


So with my tax return, I gifted myself with Scrivener to have something to better allow myself to work on my WIP. It’s proving really productive so far. My parents also helped me with the remaining portion of my tax money to get a new iPad. It’s a big 7th generation on so it’s really helping my old eyes, and reminding me I need to go to the eye doctor.

A friend from a no-profit is also sharing their login to their Adobe software, and SO MANY PROGRAMS, so I can finally try and start attempting to make graphics for the blog. Along with 10,000 other things these programs do. I’m very happy creatively.

Mental Health

Ugh, the one bad spot in an otherwise great week. My disability case has hit a snag, so I’ve got to talk over some stuff with my therapist and see if my disability case has a future, or if I should just go back to school. I really think not working has helped me, but the state I’m in is requiring a lot of extra hoops to jump through, so it’s getting me down a little. Happy stories welcome, also cute pictures and good news.

Coming Soon

Pokémon starters from Sword and Shield

What can you expect from the end of February to the beginning of March? More backlog reviews as I catch up on reviewing all the stuff I read before I didn’t have a blog. A post about the Pondathon ending, more Pokemon reads tag stuff, and a YARC based TBR for next month.

Thanks again everyone for reading, and getting the numbers for the blog higher than ever in February, I’m thankful for every single reader and visitor!





  1. I have a nintendo switch also and have been debating trying pokemon shield (which I think I’ve mentioned in a previous comment so maybe I should get on that, lol). I’ve been playing Let’s Go: Eevee but it’s a little too similar to Pokemon Go for me. I’m also curious about animal crossing because it seems cute.

    I got scrivener a while ago because I hoped it would motivate me to write more but honestly I’m so scared to use it, lol. I’ll be interested to hear your thoughts about it!

    • I think you did mention it in a previous comment but that’s okay. I found Let’s Go: Eevee too simplistic, which is why I like Pokemon Sword/Shield. There is simplicity because it’s a Pokemon game and it’s not supposed to be overly complex, but it also challenges you too. Animal Crossing looks so cute I’m probably pre-ordering a copy.

      I really like it because I’ve had my mythos for my world all over the place, and with Scrivener I have one place to put all the rules of my world. Plus I like the locations tab, it will be important later when the story starts moving along both literally and figuratively. Anyway I’ve only had it a few days but I really like it.

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