Weekly Review 2/2/20-2/8/20

So I’m writing this on Saturday and it’s already been a pretty productive week. I wrote about 5 posts for this week. I’ve also written about 5 posts for the next couple of weeks, so I’m super ahead which give me more time to socialize with the bookstagram community, write extra posts, etc. So that makes me happy.

I’m happier overall this month so far. I think in part because I changed my medicine and quit my job. I’m working on a case for disability so just focusing on that, and not having to worry about work have been super helpful to my mental health.

I finished two books this week both by Stephaine Burgis: The Girl with the Dragon Heart and The Dragon with the Chocolate Heart. 


The Girl with the Dragon Heart

The Dragon with the Chocolate Heart

My reviews for The Dragon with the Chocolate Heart and The Girl with the Dragon Heart will be up in the next week or two. I’m also about to start the third book in the series, which aren’t direct sequels of each other but are loosely connected.

The third book is called

The Princess who Flew with Dragons

I’m also working on a few graphic novels including one that is amazing and includes both POC and trans representation. I can’t wait to finish it and review it.

The Deep & Dark Blue


I also have gotten two backlog reviews done. Both for Shannon Messenger’s The Keeper of the Lost Cities series. These should be up in the next two weeks and I’m very happy to be reviewing them and trying to be impartial because it’s my favorite series. Not sure I’m completely succeeding though. 😛


Gym leader Raihan poses, getting ready to battle

I’ve nearly gotten to the end of Pokemon Sheild, I beat the Dark Gym, I beat the dragon gym, and I beat both of the semi-final challengers. So now all I think I have to do is beat the champion. I’m really enjoying this game, and I am looking forward to going back and catching and evolving more Pokemon even after I finish the main story.


My psychical health hasn’t been great because changing meds is a pain. Plus my chronic migraines are being extra chronic this week. So I have been tired or in pain lots of days this week. But I seem to be feeling a bit better overall, so hopefully next week will be better.

I’m feeling much better mentally overall than I did in January. I’m also feeling more productive, which isn’t an indicator of value but it makes me feel better about being able to do some things without my mental health shutting me down.

I’ve been kinder to myself this week, and have not let things that would otherwise be a big deal feel like and become disasters. I’m doing better learning to treat mistakes as simply learning experiences and not the end of the world.

I hope your mental health is doing well too!


I did my first tarot reading for someone else this week. I’d love to start doing that more, I’m starting for free because I’m learning, so reach out to me if you want a reading.

I’m also happy about getting back into the habit of doing an old hobby of mine, baking. I’m trying to make today or at the beginning of next week.



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