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So I’ve had a bit of writer’s block when it comes to posting. I know I’ve been posting consistently since last October and I love the way my blog’s stats are growing, but there wasn’t any project that sent me rushing to my computer to write posts. So I thought about what I was really enjoying and that was playing Pokemon Sheild.

As I write this post I’m working on the Dark Type gym, now what does Pokemon have to do with reading? Well Pokemon come in different types as listed below, and they have different attributes based on those types, so I thought it would be fun to do a series of reading lists based on the different types.

Some are going to be easier like fairy and dragon, but I think I’m going to enjoy working on all of them.

Please feel free to join me in doing this, do you have a favorite type and series of books you think fit with them? Do your own posts and please link back to here!

Thanks to Bulbapeadia the Pokemon Wikipedia for the graphic below.

Normal icon SwSh.png Fighting icon SwSh.png Flying icon SwSh.png Poison icon SwSh.png Ground icon SwSh.png Rock icon SwSh.png
Normal Fighting Flying Poison Ground Rock
Bug icon SwSh.png Ghost icon SwSh.png Steel icon SwSh.png Fire icon SwSh.png Water icon SwSh.png Grass icon SwSh.png
Bug Ghost Steel Fire Water Grass
Electric icon SwSh.png Psychic icon SwSh.png Ice icon SwSh.png Dragon icon SwSh.png Dark icon SwSh.png Fairy icon SwSh.png
Electric Psychic Ice Dragon Dark Fairy

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