Backlog Reviews

Hope everyone is doing well, January is flying by. So I thought I’d get started on a little project I’ve been wanting to work on since early December. My mental health isn’t the best today so sorry for the late post. I have lots of cool content for this week, but it will just have to wait till tomorrow/Wednesday.

Now I started my Instagram about a year and a half before I started seriously working on this blog. So there are a lot of books that I read and took photos of that I didn’t get to properly review in a longer format.

So one of my projects this year will be going back and reviewing some of the books that I featured on my bookstagram and giving them proper reviews. I’m also going to try to up my NetGalley percentage through this. I’m also going to try and post my reviews on Amazon too.

Now, these backlog reviews will generally be posted on off days for the blog, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, days when I’m not doing regular posts.

So as a summary I’ll be

  1. Re-Reading/Reviewing books featured on my bookstagram starting that started around May/June 2018.
  2. Expanding on the reviews I gave on IG.
  3. Reading/Reviewing backlog of eARCs.
  4. Posting reviews on Netgalley and Amazon.
  5. Having a good time reviewing some old content.




  1. This sounds great, and I also have a big backlog of reviews and reading I need to do as work and mental health took over end of last year. Sending hugs. You got this 💪❤

    • Thanks @bookishlauren18 that really helps. Good luck on your backlog. I feel like blogging helps my mental health, so long as I don’t make myself feel too rushed. <3

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