New Years Reading Goals

Happy belated New Year everyone? Have you already finished some books? I just went to the library and got a ton of new books and books I need to finish from previous years. This year I wanted to set some new goals. Hopefully, things that will make me a more efficient reader and blogger and just let me have more fun with my blog and IG work.

1) Read 50 books this year.

That’s double the goal that I accomplished last year. However, I’m going to work on not DNFing so much, or if I’m not going to finish something, not finishing it early and moving on. However, I’m not going to be hard on myself if I don’t meet the goal and allow the fact that life happens throughout the year.

2)Be more active on Twitter and IG.

I want to be more active in the community. It will not only help the blog but it will be fun. I’m wanting to take part in more challenges and maybe events across blogs.

3) Stay active on the blog

I took a big break from the blog last year, I’m going to try to be active all year and see where it gets me.

4) Improve my photo quality on IG.

I’m going to try to put more thought and work into my shots. I tend to fall back on a certain format for photos and I want to show more variety.

5) Keep better track of the books I’m reading.

I’m planning to use a physical book tracker as well as a lovely spreadsheet from Kal over at Reader Voracious. The spreadsheet can be found here.  Kal @ Reader Voracious Book Spreadsheet

6) Purge my TBR

I have plenty of physical books sitting around that I haven’t read. I plan to either read them this year or get rid of them.

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