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12 Days of Christmas: 11 Pipers piping

Here I’m going to highlight some of my favorite posts I made this year. Don’t worry you won’t have to suffer through 11 of them, I just want to highlight a few of my favorite points on the blog this year.

The Witch Boy Review

I have a special place in my heart for this book, and this was my first blog post and one of the best books I read this year.

Anticipated Middle-Grade Books July

First time I started looking ahead at the publishing calendar.


The first time I participated in a blog tag and made a record number of post that month, and felt like a member of the bookish community.

Blogtober Post Ideas

MG Less Popular Than YA: Why?

The first discussion post I made and the first time I worked with other bookstagrammers about a topic.

And finally, 12 Days of Christmas TagĀ the first time I created my own book tag.

What were your posting highlights of 2019?

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12 Days of Christmas: 10 Ships a sailing

Originally I was going to do this as books you didn’t finish, but I realized that list is WAY too long. So instead I’ll focus on 10 books I wish I’d had time to pick up in 2019.

1)Guest: A Changeling Tale


This creepy book was supposed to be on my Halloween list but I just didn’t get around to it. Planning to add it to my New Years TBR.

2)Finding Perfect

I’ve been meaning to read more books about mental health since one of my goals is to be a better advocate for my conditions in the new year. This lovely book however I didn’t get the chance to read, is on my TBR for next year. Maybe for mental health read a thon.

3)Power to the Princess: 15 Favorite Fairytales Retold with Girl Power

Even though this was published in 2018, I love princess retellings so much I did my masters thesis on them. So when I saw this, in relation to another book I was reviewing on NetGalley, I knew I wanted to read it, but my library doesn’t have it and my request for it hasn’t been fulfilled yet so I’m stuck until a lucky paycheck in 2020.

4)All Our Broken Pieces

Another mental health book I wanted to pick up, this one about OCD.

5)Orphan Island

A lovely book that I started and that time got away from me on.