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Though I haven’t finished up this trilogy the first two books and the synopsis of the third still make it my favorite. The Witch Boy series of book was wonderful, it was one of the first books I talked about on my blog.

1) The Witch Boy


The Witch Boy by Molly Knox Ostertag and I can’t help but give it glowing reviews. Before I even get to the plot, it’s simply a beautiful book. Every character’s art is distinct, even the names seem to have a deeper meaning.

The book tells Aster’s story,  Aster who comes from a family of witches and shapeshifters. These roles are gender-based are girls are witches and boys are shapeshifters. Yet deep down Aster knows he’s a witch. Despite his family’s disapproval of his interest in witchery. Aster tries to pick up what he can of witchery by overhearing lessons and trying out techniques in secret.

From there he makes friends and has to deal with relics of his family’s past and their prejudices and how they affect him and the family in the current day.

2) The Hidden Witch

The Hidden Witch was a great follow up to The Witch Boy, after his adventures with an old family enemy, Aster is finally getting the chance to learn witchery with the girls in his family. However, some of his family still hold their old prejudices making things more difficult for Aster than they need to be. Aster feels like he is being scolded for no reason but with the help of his cousin Juniper, Aster connects with his grandmother who offers him special lessons, these lessons come at a price though. This book expanded the world of the Witch Boy and dealt with some of the problems left unfinished by the last book in a constructive way.

3 The Midwinter Witch

The conclusion to Ostertag’s The Witch Boy trilogy, Ariel and Aster must face dark magical forces as Vanissen Midwinter Festival near. Aster looks forward to the Midwinter Festival where there will be competitions in witchery and shapeshifting. This year will be the first year he gets to compete as a witch so he’s extra excited to everyone he’s grown into his power. But he knows that showing the whole family, the Midwinter Festival is also the Vanissen Family reunion, that is he’s defying tradition won’t be easy.

I can’t wait to read this as it seems like a great conclusion, tying up all the story lines from the previous two books. Definitely on my TBR if I don’t get to it this month, then in the new year.



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