12 Days of Christmas Tag

So in addition to Blogmas, I’m doing my own Christmas based tag. It’s based on the 12 Days of Christmas. I’m calling it the 12 Days of Bookmas. The tag will go through the American 12 days of Christmas so it will go through December 13th -25th.

The prompts are flexible but the ones are written out are my favorites. I’m flexible about the numbers. You don’t have to name eight female main characters if you don’t want to.

  • 1st: A partridge in a pear tree Best Standalone or Loner Character.
  • 2nd: Two turtle doves Best Duo of Books or Pair of Characters 
  • 3rd: Three French hens Best Trilogy or Love Triangle
  • 4th: Four calling birds Shoutout to 4 friends/bloggers 
  • 5th: Five gold rings 2019 Books that need Praise 
  • 6th: Six geese a-laying Books with Twist Endings
  • 7th: Seven Swans a-swimming Favorite Cozy Books 
  • 8th: Eight Ladies dancing Best Female MCs 
  • 9th: Nine Lords a leaping Best Male MCs 
  • 10th Ten Ships a sailing Books You Didn’t Finish
  • 11th: Eleven pipers piping Your best posts this year
  • 12th: Twelve Bells a-ringing Your favorite things in 2019 

I hope you enjoy this challenge. Please link your posts back to this post, or the subsequent daily posts so I can read them.



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