November Monthly Wrap Up

So actual life was pretty busy. I just quit a job, let’s call them Company A, that I’d been working at for a year because the pay wasn’t ever going to be what I needed it to be and I got passed up on a promotion for someone ten years my junior.

It was scary to quit something that had been secure, but my new job, let’s call them Company B, who I’d worked for a while before but had quit when I thought I was going to get a promotion a Company A.

So much drama, so little management. The worst part is it cut into my reading time.



I honestly only finished one book. Boo hiss. The only reason I finished it was because it was my favorite series. I’m going to finish reviewing the series soon so look out for that in December.


Amazon: Keeper of the Lost Cities-Legacy

After years of secrets, Sophie Foster and her friends are on the edge of the truth about their lives and legacies. She and her friends have blank spots in their memories and they are in need of answers.

But finding answers may come at a bigger price than they are willing to pay when they out they are a part of bigger plans than they could have imagined and that their roles in these conspiracies have already been chosen for them.

When new revelations make them question themselves and each other, will they able to fight together against the roles that have been chosen for them, or will everything fall apart?

Working On

Because it was such a low book month, I’m counting the books I’m working on as well. These were both on my November TBR and I’m about 3/4th of the way through them, I’ve just been too busy to finish them up.

Tunnel of Bones (City of Ghosts #2)

Cassidy Blake’s and her corporally challenged best friend Jacob’s adventures pick up after their dangerous adventures in Scotland. Now they are in Paris, filming the next episode of Cassidy’s parents show The Inspecters. While Cassidy hopes Paris isn’t as haunted as Eninghburgh her hopes are dashed when she learns about the ghosts hiding beneath Paris in the Catacombs. 

And when Cassidy awakens a strong spirit from the Catacombs, she must rely on her growing skills as a ghost hunter, as well as new and old friends. Together they must solve a mystery before the spirit Cassidy unleashed becomes strong enough to be free to haunt Paris forever. 

Amazon: Tunnel of Bones

More to the Story

A retelling of Little Women set in a Pakistani American family. In this case, Jo is  Jameela Mirza who was just picked to be the feature editor in her middle school newspaper. Jameela wants to be an award-winning journalist like a late family member. The head editor keeps shooting down her ideas, and she finds herself writing about a new student, a boy with a British accent who keeps to himself. But how will she make this story engaging enough to win a national media contest?

But things get complicated when Jameela’s family is shaken up by her father taking an overseas job that takes him away from their Georgia home. Jameela, along with her three sisters aren’t sure what to do. Missing her father ignites a fire under Jameela, she’s going to write the best article ever and make her dad proud.

But when her younger sister gets seriously ill, Jameela has to decide what is really important. She has to make the same choice at school where her quest for fame might cost her a friend.

While trying to find out what matters most Jameela wonders whether she’s cut out to be a journalist after all.

Written by Pakistani-American writer Hena Khan.

Amazon: More to the Story

Lalani of the Distant Sea

I’ve really been enjoying this book because of its unique narrative structure. Lalani Sarita’s is just trying to get by Sanlagita where life is difficult and women aren’t valued. Whenever someone tries to leave the island they never come back, a fate that befell Lalani’s father. Lalani and her mother have to suffer from her stepfather and stepbrother. And deal with a drought that has hit the island.

When Lalani travels up the mountain the islanders think is evil, her wish is granted but not in the way she imagined. And when distress falls on the village, Lalani ends up shouldering the blame.

To help her mother who has fallen ill from an incurable disease, Lalani must leave the island to find the riches of the legendary Mount Isa, which towers on an island to the north. It holds what might be a cure for her mother and a way for Lalani to earse the mistakes she’s made in the village. But where generations of her people have failed to reach the island what chance does an ordinary girl have?

Amazon: Lalani and the Distant Sea


Image result for pokemon sword and shield

So I’ve been caught up in playing the new Pokemon game. I got Pokemon Shield. I love the game so far and its taking up tons of my time! Are you playing? Who did you choose as your starter? I chose Grooky, because I like grass types and he was cute. But Wooloo is also so sweet.

Related image


I’ve been watching Disney+ loving my favorite princess movies. But the thing I’m looking most forward to watching is Frozen II. I bought advance tickets to see it with my friends on Friday and I’m so excited.

Image result for Frozen II

So how was your November? Hopefully more productive than mine? I hope it was happy and that you are getting ready for the end of the year! 🙂


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