National Princess Day

It’s safe to say that I love books about princesses. I did my master’s thesis on princesses in films so I love princesses in lots of media. So since today is National Princess Day, I thought I’d focus on some of my favorite princess novels.

Ella Enchanted 

I’m a huge fan of Gail Carson Levine, but her books set in the Ella Enchanted universe are some of my favorites. I especially love Ella Enchanted. Ella is granted the ‘gift’ of obedience by a meddling fairy. The gift turns out to be a curse and she must find love and her own way in the world, and how to break her curse.

Part of a larger universe that includes Fairest and Orge Enchanted.

Amazon: Ella Enchanted

Princess Academy

Miri lives on a mountain where her family and village mine stone and have a simple life. But when a prophecy comes that the next princess of the realm will come from her village, Miri and her fellow village girls are sent to an academy, a Princess Academy.  The academy is set up by the royal court to make them ‘civilized’ and princess-esque.

Initially, Miri resists the change but comes to love the education she receives through the academy and starts to imagine life if she gets selected as the next princess. But becoming a princess would mean leaving her life on the mountain behind. Miri must find out what really important in life, and make a choice.

Part of a trilogy

Amazon: Princess Academy

Tuesdays at the Castle

A new favorite, by another one of my favorite authors. Glower Castle is a living thing, it judges its monarchs and adds rooms at will, and that’s one of Princess Cecile’s favorite things about it. Her favorite days at her castle are Tuesdays, when the castle adds a new part, sometimes a room, sometimes a turret, the fun is you never know, and Cecile keeps a map to try to keep up with it.

But when her parents the King and Queen Glower are ambushed during a trip and their fate is up in the air. Cecile must use her secret knowledge of the castle to protect her home and family and save the kingdom!

Part of a longer series featuring Cecile

Amazon: Tuesdays at the Castle



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