The Tea Dragon Society Review

I’ve been meaning to read The Tea Dragon Society for months. I’m really glad I finally got to it. It’s one of the cutest things I’ve read in a while. I love most anything Katie O’Neill does and this continued book continued my postive impressions.

This award-winning book follows Greta, who is having trouble appreciating the art of blacksmithing she’s learning from her mother. She doesn’t see the point in a craft no one appreciates anymore.

Greta is out walking one day when she sees a small animal being beaten up by other bigger animals, she helps it out. She soon learns it is a tea dragon. Tea dragons are small animals, that honestly remind me of cats. They produce tea from their horns and backs. She finds out the owner of the dragon is Hesekiel, the owner of a local tea shop, he and his partner Erik invite her to learn the dying art of taking care of tea dragons.

Through this process, she learns the importance of crafts for both oneself and others. Greta also befriends a girl that Hesekiel and Erik are letting live on the property,  Minette.

Through learning the art of tea dragon keeping, she befriends Hesekiel, Erik and Minette.  Set across the seasons of the year, Greta learns the importance of the lost art and learns to appreciate blacksmithing as well.

Something I thought was cool was how tea dragons store the memories of their owners in their tea leaves. I also especially enjoyed the extra content call “Extracts from the Tea Dragons Handbook”, explaining more about the creatures with illustrations of all the dragon breeds not seen in the graphic novel.

Rating 4.5

This was a cute, sweet and beautifully illustrated book, that shows the importance of crafts.

Photo by Alisher Sharip on Unsplash

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