October TBR

What’s on your TBR this October? I’m adding a few spooky books along with the ARCs I’ve gotten behind on. Do you have anything that you like to read every year in this part of the year? I was planning to read The Lord of The Rings in September, but the time got away from me. So it’s also getting added to the October list because it reminds me of fall.

High-Five to the Hero

15 favorite fairytales retold with boy power

Instead of focusing on the traditionally masculine stereotypes these tales focus on the power of compassion over brute force. In this follow up to Power to the Princess. This title is focused on issues like self-image, confidenceLGBTQfriendshipadvocacy, and disability.

Designed to be read by a parent and child or for an older reader to enjoy, this book covers updates to classic stories likeTom Thumb, Sinbad, The Emperor’s New Clothes, Jack and the Beanstalk and more!

I really love any book that re-does fairytales and breaks stereotypes so this looks like it’s going to be a good read for me.

Out yesterday October 1st.

Amazon:High-Five to the Hero

Power of a Princess

Aislin is more than just a princess, she’s half-fairy she has magical gifts she’s been hiding for years. Gifts which she’s only beginning to understand. After learning that her people knew about her gifts all along, she’s in for another surprise when the fairies decide to move back into her people’s mostly human territory.

Setting out to find a balance between humans and fairies Aislin chooses a group of young women who aren’t what is usually expected for a princesses’ confidants and guards. The situation is further complicated by an old foe, who is out for trouble.

Aislin knows she has the power to save the kingdom especially with the support of her friends, but will that be enough to solve all the problems before her?

Out November 19th, this is the second in a series of books that started out More Than a Princess.

Amazon: Power of a Princess

The Dragon Warrior

I’ve been looking forward to this book for a while now. I got the digital ARC but it’s on a long TBR list. The book is about twelve-year-old Faryn Liu. Ever since her father disappered she and her brother have become outcasts of the Jade Society, a group that is devoted to fighting demons and becoming warriors.

When she accidentally stumbles upon a battle with a demon while in San Francisco’s Chinatown, she finds herself in the middle of a prophecy. She may be the Heaven Breaker, a warrior mean to work for the head deity the Jade Emperor and command an army of dragons to defeat demons.

But first, she has to prove herself by finding a mythical island before the start of the Lunar New Year.

But is becoming the Heaven Breaker really worth the costs she’ll have to pay?

Amazon: The Dragon Warrior

The Dark Lord Clementine

The daughter of a dark lord must decide if she really wants to be evil after all. Clementine may not be what people think of when they think of an evil leader, but she’s the only daughter and sole heir of the infamous Dark Lord Elithor. She’s been groomed since birth to take on her father’s position and be the best Dark Lord she can be.

But when her father is cursed by a mysterious rival her life changes forever, now she must search for a cure and take on her father’s responsibilities as the Dark Lord. But when it comes time to actually do evil deeds against her new friends and townspeople. She finds she doesn’t have the stomach for it, leading her to question what is truly good and evil.

Clementine must choose whether or not she really wants to be a Dark Lord after all.

Out yesterday October 1st.

Amazon: Dark Lord Clementine

Tomorrow we’ll go over the cool new October releases!

Credit for the featured image goes to Alex Greets

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