Jenniely is one of my favorite book bloggers. She also did my header art, so you can say I’m a fan. So when I saw she was doing this blogging challenge, I decided I wanted to take part. I’m trying to be more active this fall, both reading, and blogging.

Since I haven’t felt very accomplished yet this year in either of those areas. I think I’m at 15/50 for my reading goal for the year. While I don’t expect to meet my goal for the year, I’d like to at least make a dent in it. So if you’re feeling the same way as I am, join this challenge.

I may be a day or so behind on posting these but I’m going to try to do every one.

Blogtober Post Ideas

Here is a link to Jenniely’s original post about it, so you can find out more about the challenge. Blogtober!

Credit for the featured image at Aaron Burden

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