My Footprints Mini Review

I read this thanks to NetGalley!’


My Footprints is a sweet but serious story. Thuy likes to walk home and look at her footprints in the snow. Today though she’s had a rough day, she’s been bullied at school and wishes she wasn’t herself for a while. She wants to be someone, or more specifically something stronger or better than herself.

Something who can stand up to her bullies at school. She practices being the various animals she seesĀ  She tries being a bird, a fox, and various other animals. Each time she imitates one she makes her footprints like that animal.

Eventually, she makes it home to her mothers who comfort her, and together they imagine different mythical animals that Thuy can be. They make Thuy feel better and forget about her bullies. It empathizes the point that her family is stronger together.



  1. The book focuses on Thuy and her family.
  2. The illustrations are lovely.
  3. The author makes a statement about his own positionality.


None, a nice short little story about the power of family.


Thuy has two mothers. Her mothers Arti and Ngoc’s ethnicities aren’t named in the story, but they mention two creatures, and phoenix and a sharabha which come up in Asian and Hindu mythology.


Any child who likes graphic novels or is experiencing bullying due to their background or family.

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