Anticipated July YA Books

Wilder Girls

The quarantine at Raxter School for Girls, may not be what it seems, especially after one of the students goes missing. Her friend will do everything in her power to find her and uncover truths that were supposed to remain hidden. Out July 9th.

Amazon: Wilder Girls

The Merciful Crow (The Merciful Crow Series)

Honestly, the cover drew me to this one because my friend and I love crows. But it’s about a person whose caste collects the dead and does mercy killings who gets entangled with the business of a prince who faked his own death and his bodyguard.

Amazon: The Merciful Crow

The Storm Crow

Yes, I know another book about crows, but they are so wonderful and smart and this book looks so good. It’s about a kingdom that loses its element crow guardians when another kingdom invades. After the Queen is killed in the invasion two princesses Anthia and Caliza take different paths. Anthia or Thia falls into a depression while her sister runs the kingdom.

But the two sisters must work together to hatch a plan to get back what they’ve lost after finding a crow egg in the rubble of a rookery.

Amazon: The Storm Crow

Heartwood Box

In this creepy mystery, Araceli Flores Harper goes to stay with her great aunt to keep her on a stable path as she prepares for college. But the small town where she is staying isn’t what it seems, the town is plastered with missing posters and her aunt still leaves food out for her uncle who went missing twenty years ago.

But the oddest thing is mysterious letters that seem to be coming from the past. As Araceli is drawn into the mystery she realizes that some secrets want to stay buried.

Amazon: Heartwood Box

These are just a few of the new July YA releases, there are a lot of cool sequels coming out as well. Anything you are looking forward to reading?





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