Middle Books set in Summer

Silver Meadows Summer

When Carolina is forced to move from Puerto Rico after her father loses his job, her summer and life are put on hold. Her family settles in with Carolina’s aunt, uncle, and bossy cousin Gabriela. Carolina is also made to attend Silver Meadows summer camp along with Gabriela, who is the shining star of the social scene at camp.

But just as she worries she’ll end up spending the whole summer in Gabriela’s shadow, she finds a friend who shares her love of art and a space of her own at camp. With her new friend and newfound refegue Carolina begins to reclaim some of the things she misses about Puerto Rico.

But when the camp and Carolina’s new sanctuary are threatened, how will¬†Gabriela and Carolina end up working together to save them?

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Summer of a Thousand Pies

A sweet, pun intended, novel about a girl named Cady who isn’t used to stability, after growing up homeless on the streets of San Diego with her dad.

Now she’s living with an aunt she’s never met who runs a pie shop. But slowly things start to feel like home as she explores the town, makes friends and helps with the pie shop.

But when her Aunt lets her know that the shop is failing, she’ll do whatever it takes, to save the place where she now feels like she belongs. With the help of her friends and community will she be able to save the day or are there some things even pie can’t fix?

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Maybe a Mermaid

Practical Anthoni Gillis doesn’t believe in fairies or¬†unicorns. She is instead looking for something more substantial like a True Blue friend. Something that has been hard to find in the last five years of bouncing from town to town with her mom.

But a summer at Thunder Lake at the Showboat Resort give her a chance to look for a friend. She even has a checklist for how to do it. She doesn’t have time for rumors about the supposed Boulay Mermaid.

But as she gets drawn into local gossip, and she finds out her mother may not be telling the truth about everything. She has to decide if she wants to stick to her list or jump into a summer where everything isn’t so certain.

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The Season of Styx Malone

Caleb and his brother Bobby plan to have adventures in the woods behind their house during the summer. But Caleb is hoping for something more to his summer, this something more comes in the form of new neighbor Styx Malone, who is older and cooler than the boys.

Styx convinces them to take part in the Great Escalator Trade, where they trade one item up for a better item. But the summer isn’t all fun and games and Styx has secrets that may bring their whole adventure into jeopardy.

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These are just a few great summer middle grade reads. What are you reading? Anything that’s about summer?



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