Babysitter’s Club-Kristy’s Big Day


The latest volume in the new series of The Babysitters Club graphic novels finds Kristy, the club’s president getting ready for her mother’s wedding to the man in her life Watson. But everything isn’t easy because Watson has a lot more money than Kristy’s mother and has kids of his own. Both of these things would be complicated on their own but together they make for extra issues.

Wedding planning starts off simple, however, when the wedding has to be moved up by several months it puts their planning into overdrive. Kristy and her family are also moving in with Watson’s family after the wedding, this seems simple at first but when the sale of their house happens sooner than expected they have to plan a wedding in just two weeks!

Kristy, who was unsure about the wedding in the first place now has to face the prospect of moving away from her friends and the Babysitter’s Club. This causes her to be even more unsure about this whole wedding business.

Luckily she has her friends at her side to help her out. When more issues with the wedding come up will Kristy and her friends rise to the challenges the wedding brings, including babysitting 14 kids?!

Will Kristy finally feel better about the wedding?

This, as always, was a cute read. The Babysitter’s Club graphic novels deliver on both artistic style and relevant content. This particular one does a great job going over some of the worries kids might face when blending families.

Likes and Dislikes


  1. The way Kristy’s fears about the wedding were dealt with. They were dealt with in a realistic way and from many angles. She talked about the issue with her mother, brothers and friends, and it brought up many questions kids would have about a new marriage.
  2. Kristy’s fear’s about moving-Those were also dealt with in a very realistic and age-appropriate manner and I love the way her friends supported her.
  3. The way it took Kristy a long time to come around to the idea of the wedding-It was genuine to the plot and made the ending better.


Nothing major.


4/5, I’d read again and hope another volume comes out soon. I’ve loved to series so far.


Kristy is becoming part of a blended family. That is about the only point of diversity worth noting. One of her friend’s Claudia is a person of color, however, she’s not the focus of this book. When I review the book Claudia shows up in I plan to talk more about the lack of diversity in the series at large.


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