Hello everyone and happy 2019! How is your January going so far? I’ve finished two books so far, which will be reviewed and up soon. But I thought I’d introduce myself, my name is Solara. I’m currently applying to P.h.D programs and reading children and middle-grade books help me relax.

I’m also a fan of YA, but more selectively. I don’t like romances and they often crop up a bit in every genre of YA. However, I will give props to a few well-written ones in a later post. But this somewhat limits what YA books I like.

Now that I’ve said what I don’t like, I’ll talk about things I do like:

  1. #WeNeedDiverseBooks-


This whole movement is one of my favorite things. And I try to keep my reading as diverse and inclusive as possible. Whether its books by diverse authors who don’t get the attention they deserve or about characters who aren’t often represented, this movement is literally my jam!

2.  Plaid


It’s in the name, it will show up in the photos. Don’t try to convince me the 90’s grunge movement is over.

3. Princesses and Magical Girls


I even did my Masters thesis on Disney Princesses! Reframing the princess story is one of my favorite tropes. Some of my favorite stories revolve around princesses. I’m probably going to review a lot of books with strong female leads whether or not they are princesses.

4. Disney


Not only do I love their princesses. But I love the songs, their children’s television shows, and cartoons. While I love what they do I’m also critical of their progress, and that’s something I write about in my academic life. However, I’m sure some of my Disney fandom will show up on this blog.


5. Bookstagram


I love the community and the camaraderie. I’m also trying to become more active on Twitter. So please drop your links to your Instagram and Twitter accounts so we can follow each other.


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